La solución Nº 1 del mundo para la gestión de inmuebles, sus activos y servicios asociados.
ARCHIBUS Solution Center - China - Chengdu (ASC - China - Chengdu) ha sido elegida por el Ministerio chino de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano / Rural como socio de apoyo a la puesta en práctica de BIM en la Gestión Ciclo de Vida de Edificio.
ASC - China - Chengdu trabajará conjuntamente con el ministerio China y la compañía de ingeniería y tecnología Beijing PlantSoft en el desarrollo del programa gubernamental de Normas BIM (NBIMS-CHN).

El programa NBIMS-CHN tiene por objeto el perfeccionamiento de la aplicación de normas BIM y establecimiento de las mejores prácticas que permitan obtener mayor eficiencia en la gestión de activos y operaciones de los inmuebles.

Noticia original completa:

ARCHIBUS  Solution Center – China – Chengdu (ASC − China – Chengdu) has been chosen by the China Ministry of Housing and Urban/Rural Development as a research partner for the implementation throughout China of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards for building lifecycle management.

ASC − China – Chengdu is affiliated with ARCHIBUS, Inc. (, developer of the #1 solution for real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management in the world.

ASC − China – Chengdu will work jointly with China software company PlantSoft Beijing, an engineering and technology company providing CAD/CAM/CAE products and services, to advance the Ministry’s National BIM Standards program (NBIMS – CHN). The program focuses on refining and implementing BIM standards that follow best practices and produce greater cost-efficiency in the areas of space management, building operations, and asset management.

The NBIMS – CHN program has been widely recognized as one of most significant milestones in the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industry in China through its promotion of BIM to standardize and consolidate all A/E/C and building operations and asset information into a single database.

Prior to final selection as contract winners in a highly competitive selection process, ASC −  China − Chengdu and PlantSoft had participated in numerous rounds of forums and discussions to define the proposed project scope of NBIMS – CHN and ensure it met the Ministry’s long-range needs.

“This is a great honor and opportunity for ARCHIBUS in China to make an important contribution to BIM standards development and deployment, standards that the NBIMS-CHN will promote throughout China,” says Bruce K. Forbes Founder and President/CEO of ARCHIBUS.

The NBIMS – CHN program emphasizes four stages of the building lifecycle:  planning, design, construction, and operation. The program covers the establishment of BIM standards and best practices, technology development, deployment/implementation methodology, and project planning and lifecycle management. These activities are important in supporting the internationally recognized building information interoperability standards, such as Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie), as well as required workflows, and a range of other BIM application software, such as ARCHIBUS, and future BIM technology development plans in China.

In addition to collaboration between, ASC – China − Chengdu and PlantSoft Beijing, NBIMS-CHN program participants will also include, China Chenda Engineering Co. Ltd. and Xi’an University of Technology.

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